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Book Excerpt: The Lost Generation

In Lost Generation, Nidhi Dugar Kundalia narrates the unforgettable stories of eleven individual professionals--from the hauntingly beautiful rudaalis to the bizarre tasks of a street dentist--uncovering the romance, tragedy and old-world charm of India's ageing streets and its incredible living history.
Yashodhara Lal

Book Excerpt: 'There's Something About You'

There's Something About You (Releasing July 15, 2015) is not a typical love story. It's about a 28 year old girl called Trish who finds herself in a lot of trouble - she's unemployed and has two dependent parents to take care of in the fast-paced, unforgiving city of Mumbai. She's also snarky and overweight and fiercely independent - she certainly doesn't feel the need for a man in her life. Never did.