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Why ‘The Independent' Didn't Change Kolkata To Calcutta

The Independent's decision to revert to using Bombay had nothing to do with British colonialism. It was driven by its India-born editor's stand on the political issues prevailing in the country of his birth. This is a remarkable development. An individual has attempted to reverse a sequence of events that the British government did not interfere with! It is also interesting to note that Mr Rajan has chosen to remain silent about his city of birth, Calcutta, which was renamed Kolkata.
Shweta Andrews

No Love Greater Than The Love Of Food: Sampling Bombay's Legendary Parsi Cuisine

When it comes to Parsi food, old Bombay is a gold mine. There are numerous establishments - some well known, others not-so-famous - that offer the various culinary delights of the community to all and sundry. To be in South Bombay and not sample Parsi food therefore is nothing short of sacrilege. Having sinned enough already, I am in no mood for another act of impiety, so off I go on a hot, humid afternoon for my pilgrimage.