Bombay Bomb Blasts; Tiger Memon; Yakub Memon; Peripheral Details

Life, Death And Everything Else

If Tiger Memon had lived in Mahim, where exactly in the neighbourhood did he come up with his plan for retribution? An Iranian coffee shop? No Iranian coffee shop -- even the ones you frequent regularly -- would let you simply sit there, brooding. He must have ordered something. Maska-pav and chai? Not sure. I looked around for linkages. A disembowelled place called "Rupali Matching Centre" with a clumsily hung name-board fit the description of a silent chronicler. I am sure Memon would have passed by that shop, some time.
Hindustan Times via Getty Images

Yakub Memon And Selective Justice

With the execution of the only man sentenced to death for the 12 March 1993 Mumbai blasts, the families of the 257 victims, as well as those who were injured, must feel some sense of having got justice. Some victims of the 1993 blasts have lamented that 22 years is too long a wait for justice. It is. But there are others too in their city who've waited that long, and still not got justice - the victims of the December 1992- January 1993 Mumbai riots.