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Fat Shaming Is Bad, So Is Obesity OK?

"Fardeen Khan gives a fitting response to the trolls who fat-shamed him"..."Amy Schumer has the perfect comeback for the jerk who fat-shamed her"... These are the types of headlines we see every single day. If you happen to read the comments on these posts, you will see that they are, predictably, heavily divided. On the one side, we have the "you do you!" supporters and on the other side, we have the extremely concerned "fat is bad" folks.
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From Vyjayanthimala To Alia Bhatt: The Evolution Of The 'Thin Ideal' In Bollywood

Deepika Padukone, Kareena Kapoor-Khan, Katrina Kaif and Alia Bhatt make up just a handful of the clientele who rely on celebrity trainer Yasmin Karachiwala for their perfect physique. All of their stories are featured in Karachiwala's book Sculpt and Shape. Which leads us right to where Bollywood's portrayal of body image currently stands: sculpted and shaped, to a point beyond feasible for most people with day jobs.
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Celebrating The ‘Fat' Aunty In Tights

The "big" aunty in tights, walking gaily down the chic mall or the neighbourhood market, and who still in a very evolved world generates snickers, may have run an obstacle course to get herself to buy her first pair, and climbed a mountain of belief to wear it! Against her family, her husband, her kids, her magazines, her friends' sense of aesthetics, and who knows what else to reach the finish line of confidence.
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'You Don't Have To Disappear To Prove You Were There': Celebrating The 'F' Word

Too many women I know today measure their self-worth by the space between their thighs. "Oh I want to be thin... I need a man, yaar." I don't really think this is about men. It's about other women. What follows is depression, diets and banal discussion. Some work out, some just suck it out. But either way, the thighs start to get thin, so the dresses get shorter. And the lady thinks she is "in".
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Who Eats, Babe?

My daughter insisted on drinking only juice at breakfast and then again at lunch. I was taken aback considering that I hadn't spoken of my juicing (mis)adventure in her presence. And regardless of my own dieting fads, balanced eating for my daughter is kind of my thing. I tried to explain that my juices contained exactly what she was expected to eat -- spinach, beetroot, apple. With the infallible logic of a four-year-old, she then calmly stated, "I'll also only eat juice." This was a real problem.
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How To Be Kind To Your Body

While we need to applaud everyone who wishes to get more healthy and fit, sadly that is not what most people are doing. They are chasing the "right" weight (whatever that is) at any cost. So, crazy diets, starvation, excessive exercising and surgeries all go in the name of getting thin. It is frightening. The harm done to bones and bodies in the bargain are often not known or really worried about.