Delhi Elections: The BJP And The Wages of Arrogance

While the AAP success in Delhi hogs all the headlines, the most intriguing story is that of the BJP, which managed to lose a king's ransom (29 out of the 32 seats it had won last time) and that too across all demographic divisions. It won not a single segment of the Delhi electorate. Why did two-thirds of Delhi's 13 million voters turn their backs on the Lotus?
Hindustan Times via Getty Images

Can The AAP Survive Its Own Contradictions?

This brings us to a complicated territory because the baggage of the AAP is like a real "Bhanumati ka pitara". Rummage and you will find elements from people's movements that have been long opposed to neoliberal policies on one hand, and those embedded in a neoliberal worldview on the other. So, there is Medha Patkar fighting against neoliberal appropriation of people's rights over jal-jungle-jameen and then there is also Arvind Kejriwal assuring industrialists that the AAP is not against capitalism as such but only against "crony capitalism".