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What The Biryani Says About ‘The Idea Of India'

"Say 'idea of India' one more time..." I challenged my friend angrily, pointing a fork towards him. My weapon still had crumbles of chicken stuck in its narrow tines. A moment ago it was deftly, with surgical precision, making its way through the meat in my delicious Thalassery biryani. He was as calm as rookie political intellectuals are expected (read pretend) to be. With a confident demeanour he declared, "Don't fret, even the biryani you are eating is an example of an 'idea of India' and its myriad expressions."
Nisa Homey

Easy-to-Cook Dum Paneer Biryani

This flavourful, vegetarian preparation is an easy one-dish meal. Soft, succulent pieces of paneer are marinated in yogurt, herbs and Indian spices, layered with prepared rice and then cooked in the dum style (the lid of the biryani pot is sealed and the dish cooks over a very low fire).