Bihar Elections

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My Visit To Bisara: Dadri Lynching Still Haunts Village

I was in Bisara on the day of the Bihar Assembly election results, but it was far removed from the excitement of the polls, bearing a deserted look and with a strong police presence maintaining a tight vigil even a month after the murder. The villagers were reluctant to speak to reporters, and some were openly hostile, saying things like, "Yeh media waale hain, inhe bhagao These people are from the media, drive them away)."
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Eligible For Pakistan's Famous Diwali Celebrations? Here's A Simple 3-Step Guide

Pakistan is suddenly every Indian's favourite travel destination, going by the number of politicians advising us to visit. Our friendly neighbouring country was highly recommended by Bharatiya Janta Party president Amit Shah, who seemed particularly impressed by the spectacular way in which Pakistanis celebrate Diwali. Since the Bihar Assembly election tsunami, it seems that our neighbours will be marking the festival of lights with even more fervour than usual!
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Why Bihar Verdict Matters For The Future Of India

The elections in Bihar witnessed unprecedented attempts by none other than the Prime Minister to polarise the entire country to win a state. Never before has a Prime Minister addressed 30 rallies for an election just in one state. Never before has a Prime Minister so unabashedly declared his intent to ensure the benefit of reservations do not reach "a particular community". Never before has positive affirmation been so negatively used.