Bihar Elections 2015

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Jungle Raj Isn't Back, But Nitish Must Tame Bihar's Fears

There's been a widely covered spurt of crime in Bihar, with the BJP demanding the intervention of the governor following the shooting death of a jeweller on 16 January. However, the crime data doesn't back the BJP's accusations that Jungle Raj is back. The term "Jungle Raj" also implies a system in which no follow-up action is taken up after a crime. That is not the case under Nitish Kumar's chief ministership.
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Why The Bihar Elections Were Not A Victory For ‘Secularism'

In some intellectual circles, the Bihar verdict of 8 November 2015 marks the victory of the forces of secularism over communalism. In the annals of documented history, it will go down as the day in which the juggernaut of the mythical and invincible Modi was arrested. Half a century down the lane, these documented histories will be nothing more than mythological tales shamelessly hiding the biases and intellectual dishonesty of the intelligentsia/media/liberals. The truth is something else.
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Bihar Defeat Could Send BJP Down A Dangerous Path

In an ideal world, a chastened BJP would emerge from its Bihar defeat as a more conciliatory and inclusive party -- reaching out to emboldened opposition forces, and scaling back its communal rhetoric so that it can refocus attention on the economy. Unfortunately we don't live in an ideal world. Ominously, there is reason to fear that the BJP, post-Bihar, could emerge as a more divisive party and double down on its Hindu nationalist agenda.
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The Missed Opportunities And ‘Self-Goals' That Led To BJP's Bihar Debacle

A host of factors are being implicated for the BJP's electoral humiliation in Bihar. These range from electoral arithmetic and the lack of a chief ministerial candidate to the overly aggressive campaigning pitch and pro-incumbency for Nitish Kumar. The relative effect of many of these factors will be ascertained in the coming days, as disaggregate data becomes available. An analysis of the preliminary data, however, indicates that a concoction of missed opportunities and self-goals from the BJP caused its poll debacle.

How Bihar Shattered The Spell Of Modi-Shah 'Magic'

Abraham Lincoln's articulation of the concept of democracy -- of the people, for the people, by the people -- seems to have strongly reverberated across Bihar. The mandate of the Biharis has brought huge embarrassment to the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)-led NDA alliance. Embarrassment for several reasons, foremost being PM Narendra Modi assuming unto himself the task of leading the election campaign.
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Weighing In On Bihar And What The Pundits Are Getting Wrong

Lalu and Nitish are celebrating and the pundits have started writing Amit Shah's obituary. The post-mortem will continue for a couple of more weeks till the next big Bollywood release or cricket match. I have contested the 2014 elections and had the good fortune to oversee another four polls in my constituency in the year preceding my own election. I present the below points solely based on my own personal three-four years experience in Indian politics as somewhat of an outsider.
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Eligible For Pakistan's Famous Diwali Celebrations? Here's A Simple 3-Step Guide

Pakistan is suddenly every Indian's favourite travel destination, going by the number of politicians advising us to visit. Our friendly neighbouring country was highly recommended by Bharatiya Janta Party president Amit Shah, who seemed particularly impressed by the spectacular way in which Pakistanis celebrate Diwali. Since the Bihar Assembly election tsunami, it seems that our neighbours will be marking the festival of lights with even more fervour than usual!