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We're Seeing Growth Under The BJP, But Where's The Progress?

Progress isn't simply numbers, statistics and a graph showing economic growth. True progress is achieved when the public feels included and happy to be a part of the nation. That is, in status quo, certainly not the case and instead of feeling assured and secure about their rights and liberties, people are living in constant fear and insecurity over their actions.

How Modi Let Down India In Just One Year

Narendra Modi rode a rhapsodic wave to 7 Race Course Road amidst frenzied BJP supporters, media calisthenics, promotional blitz and mind-boggling promises of acchhe din. Twelve months later, it is established that Modi has no magic wand. Or a unique panacea for India's diverse challenges. In fact, he has come up woefully short. Despite being a Congress spokesperson, I shall attempt to be dispassionate and prejudice-free in this brief synopsis of a year that was annus horribilis for us.

AAP's Victory: How, Why And What's Next

Arvind Kejriwal, the hero of the moment, is the cynosure of all eyes. He should know that aapsolute mandate = aapsolute responsibility. In his own words, "It's scary." But he has a team of solid workers along with him, competent professionals with politically viable people and a well chartered plan.