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How To Be A 100% Certified Patriot

The government understands it is difficult to keep yourself constantly updated to be a 100% certified patriot and has decided to address your concerns by introducing the BMJK app. Once you install this helpful app, you will keep getting notifications for every new anti-national activity. The app also has a reward feature. Swabbing your floor with gomutra, supporting Anupam Kher in whatever and whoever he's protesting against, abusing paid media online, beating up traitors as you scream BMKJ will earn you 500 reward points each.
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Chetan Bhagat's 'Anatomy of a Liberal' Is The Autopsy of Logic

Chetan Bhagat, in his recent column "Anatomy of a Liberal", has proven yet again why he is by far the worst thing to have happened to the world of writing. Bhagat presents his myopic view with a deluded sense of self-righteousness that immunises the right wing against any criticism. Essentially, he says: the middle to lower middle classes make the "nationalists", and, therefore, represent "real India", while the liberals are a bunch of tea-in-china-cup elites, their lives devoid of struggle, and are, therefore, clueless about what India needs.

Why Modi Shouldn't Let His Bhakts Do All The Talking

I feel sad for a country that does not demand more from her Prime Minister. Has India's public not gotten the message that the leaders are supposed to be answerable to the people? That they are supposed to reassure the people that the country is safe? At the same time, I'm sickened at the "selective vision" of a section of Modi's followers. This section of people is not only holding India back but are pushing the country into a backward, regressive path.