Berlin Wall

Kounteya Sinha

Stealing The Secrets Of Stone

The photograph gracing the announcement of Kounteya Sinha's show, "Stone" (25 June-6 July), at the Harrington Street Arts Centre in Kolkata, depicts a scene steeped in antiquity, juxtaposed with the photographer's jeans-clad form leaning against a time-stained wall. It is a nod to the urban nomad that Kounteya is, his exhibition of 55 images telling stories about 22 countries.

Snitches With Edge: The ‘Stasi Punks' Of East Berlin

One of the products of the anti-West East German state, was the formation of the Ministerium für Staatssicherheit, more commonly known as the Stasi. The secret police, formed in the early 1950s, was developed to keep an eye on the country's own population, and also tasked with cultural purification. One of their challenges in the 1970s and 80s was the growth of the underground punk movement. The Stasi started to jail youths found listening to such music. They also worked to turn these musicians and 'scene' members into informants.