Belief In God

Radhe Maa And The Religion Of Money

What has happened to us? Faith and god aside, this is taking blindness to another level and imprudently allowing a con artist to take you for a ride. The protagonist of our story -- Madame Radhe Maa -- has already been accused of abetting several suicides and is also facing charges for her role in the dowry harassment and torture of a woman by a Mumbai-based family. Yet, from Bollywood to the cricket fraternity, the Radhe Maa fan club has a surprising variety of members.
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An Atheist In India

No one cares that I have no god. They only want to know which god I believe in. An atheist is not seen as taking a rational stand, only as being against one religion or another. What makes me happy, though, is that I am almost everyone's enemy as a result of this.