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Paris, Beirut, Baghdad: For Whom The Bell Tolls?

If Messrs. Obama, Hollande and Cameron are sincerely concerned with stemming the tide of the poison that Daesh represents then they surely must express solidarity with all those Iraqis, Afghans and Lebanese who were killed in the last few days. It is precisely this kind of asymmetric coverage, not only by the media, but through statements made by 'world leaders' that make ordinary people wonder whether a life in Paris is worth more than a life in Beirut.

Global Disorder And The Idea Of ISIS

ISIS is looking to actively disrupt narratives in the West. If it becomes successful in earning the allegiance of Muslims who are citizens of Europe, then it would be correct to conclude that the potential of the organisation has been greatly underestimated. However, even if ISIS managed to smuggle operatives into Europe from Iraq and Syria, and then coordinated the attacks, the fact will still remain that the abilities of ISIS to formulate such strikes has been either completely missed by intelligence agencies or vastly under-realised by the political establishment.