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Why I Think It's Criminal To Give A Child False Promises

"If you answer aunty properly, she will give you a chocolate! She has a nice big chocolate in her bag," the mother says as I try to begin a session with her child. I cringe in my seat. Oh no, not again. In most cases, the parent does not even realize why I am not supporting her statement until I explain my reasons in the counselling session. I sincerely feel that it is criminal to give a child false hopes.

So, How Judgemental Are You? Try This Test To Find Out

What if I started talking about Anu Aggarwal? You'd switch tabs to check other news, right? No news about her is breaking news. When she did the disappearing act in the 90s, I presumed (just like most of you Bollywood buffs, I'm sure) that there were no takers for her kind of acting prowess, or the lack of it. And then Ctrl+Alt+Del. And why am I blabbering about Ms Aggarwal today? Because the recent launch of her book triggered some nodes in my brain.