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Come On BBC, Are These Really The 100 Greatest Films Of The 21st Century?

The BBC recently released a list of the 100 greatest films of the 21st century i.e. from the year 2000 onwards. The list was selected by a panel of 177 international film critics including a handful from India. To say that I am utterly disappointed with the picks would be an understatement. More than anything, the list reflects the jury's lack of understanding of contemporary world cinema. The choices made by some of the Indian critics, especially, are almost hilarious.
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Why India Was The BBC's Real Target On June 24, Not Altaf Hussain

As almost every Pakistani commentator has pointed out, the BBC report reads like a Chinese whisper quickly penned down, and speedily put out for public consumption. It is a maze of vague nouns like "officials" and "leaders," but Bennett-Jones "stands by every word of his story," so confidence is not a problem. However, it does make you wonder why the BBC, a thoroughbred in global journalism, decided to break a poorly sourced story?
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A Massive Movement Against Patriarchy Is What We Need

The men that committed this crime are not the anomalies; they are not some rare monsters, but very much a product of the values of society that we continue to perpetuate. That is embarrassing, and we do not want to face up to it. However, this is exactly what we have to do. We must be brave and address it head on. What is required is a massive movement against patriarchy, not a shameful silence and certainly not more pretence.