Bangladesh Attack

Adnan Abidi / Reuters

How The Bangladesh Government Helped Create The Wolf It Warned Against

The change in the political landscape over the last several years has made it impossible for the main centre right political party (BNP) to operate; Islamist political organizations are equally restricted. Unfortunately, the current government’s running of such outfits underground and pushing them out of every open political space in Bangladesh has had a calamitous consequence: hundreds of thousands of young activists and students have become vulnerable to manipulation by extremists.
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It’s Time We Muslims Chose Common Sense Over Zakir Naik

Zakir Naik is not even a theologian. He's an MBBS doctor-turned-Islamic preacher whose reputation rests on only his computer-like memory. Naik can quote verse after verse from the Quran, Bible, Gita and others just off his head. His speeches are littered with pseudoscience, bogus philosophy, absurd arguments, false analogies, and above all, an impertinent disrespect of other religions and cultures. But as long as he's citing chapter number and verse number, he keeps getting applause.