Exclusive Interview With Michelin Star Chef Mark Poynton

Recently, Mark Poynton, the chef patron of Alimentum in Cambridge UK was in Bengaluru as part of the “Taste of Britain” promotion that was held in association with Curry Life magazine. I asked the chef what it's like to run a Michelin-star restaurant, his thoughts on modernist cooking and his work to promote “ethical cuisine”.
Noppasin Wongchum via Getty Images

I've Started Opening Up To Bengaluru. Maybe We'll Be Friends One Day

How does one fall in love with a city? It was easy six years ago, when I was naive, poor and single, and landed in New Delhi. From making friends (who were equally naive, poor and single) to finding a home (a PG, a flat, a barsati), they were the series of adventures that made me fall in love with "Dilli". But it was a whole different ball game in November 2015 when I moved to Bengaluru for good...