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10 Bollywood Films That Dared To Be Different In 2015

This year has been special for Bollywood. As someone who follows movies very closely, I have witnessed a breath of fresh air in Hindi cinema of late, with our filmmakers trying to be more experimental, inventive and courageous than they have ever been. So, here is my pick of 10 must-watch Bollywood movies from 2015 that combine food for thought with cinematic flair.

Why We Love The 'Idiot' Movie Hero

Could it be that we just want to laugh and so we laugh at their expense? And then go home thinking, "I may be bad, but not as big an idiot as him." Or does the idiot speak for us; say the things we would never dare say. Not just cliched generalisations like "She's fair, therefore Brahmin", or "Meat eater, ergo Muslim". Things that political correctness will never let us say.