Why Liberals Shouting ‘Intolerance' Owe An Apology To The Nation

Dissent cannot be a hit-and-run incident wherein the perpetrator absconds without liability after inflicting damage. Democracy is not a free for all and a license to indulge in canards. These worthies need to be made accountable for their statements. True intellectuals when provided with adequate evidence to the contrary will gracefully accept their lapse. Charlatans and egotists, however, will not. Nayantara Sahgal and her tribe owe an apology to the nation.

Dear Arundhati Roy, Congrats, You've Taken Your Hypocrisy To New Lows

I read your piece "Why I Am Returning My Award" three times to understand if you really do have an authentic critique of the present government. Honestly, I struggled to find a constructive reason. The most telling statement I found was this: "I am very pleased to have found (from somewhere way back in my past) a National Award that I can return, because it allows me to be a part of a political movement." Let's question your reasoning: can a political movement (which you want to join), logically, exist in the world (in terms of political ideology) that you believe in?