Sharon Dominick

We Let Community Health Workers And Parents Deliver Autism Interventions. This Is What We Found

This month, where we have already marked World Disability Day, we can also welcome the publication, in The Lancet Psychiatry, of the first evaluation of a community health worker-delivered treatment for autism from a developing country. There are many reasons to celebrate this publication. First, because the evaluation was done through a randomised controlled trial, the findings have great scientific strength.
Sharon Dominick

Why You Are So Wrong In Thinking That Autism Is A Disability

Time stood still as I watched him play. He built a farm consisting of cows, horses and a fence. All of these were made with blocks. Then he became an electrician putting up a grid. He used make-believe tools and clay for fixing this grid. It was amazing to watch him in action. This four-year-old has autism and is remarkably bright. Is that uncommon? Does this also apply to the adolescents and adults that I work with? Here are some snapshots. You can take a call.
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7 Profound Lessons On Life From A Toddler And A 25-Year-Old

He says, "laga" (it hurts) but continues to attempt to change position. Still, all the while, he smiles. "He" is my 25-year-old son, Mohit. He has severe back pain, at present. He also has autism. I watch her interacting with her mother. Cooing, gurgling, trying her best to form words, this little one gives life her 100%. By the time, she was four months old, she had already had two major surgeries. She is Meher. She is only 19 months old. She has Down Syndrome.