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If It’s The Dalits In India, It’s The Aborigines In Australia

It is known that Aborigines suffered violence and dispossession in the past due to the colonial project. However, what is not widely known is that prejudice and discrimination against the original people of Australia is still deeply rooted throughout the country. The situation of Aborigines is much like the experience of Dalits in India. Even today, White people will pass the empty seat next to a dark-skinned Aborigine in a bus and sit elsewhere. Just like even today, some people will not eat food cooked by a Dalit.
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India And Australia Must Extend Relations Beyond Cricket And Curry

One of the diplomatic puzzles that intrigue most foreign policy analysts is the significant lack of depth in India-Australia relations. For years, geography and history were seen as the main culprits. For New Delhi, Australia was simply too far away and for Canberra, India was simply not like-minded. Finance Minister Jaitley's visit to Australia offers a genuine platform to lift the game and to take forward the strategic partnership that both governments committed themselves to when PM Modi visited Australia.