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Podcast: Ragi Represents The People It Nourishes

Finger millet is known to reduce the risk of diabetes and gastrointestinal tract disorders and as an excellent source of calcium and fibre; it also helps to lower cholesterol levels in your blood. This leads to less plaque formation, prevents blood vessel blockage, and reduces your risk of heart attacks. So, it's safe to say that Ragi represents the people it nourishes: Earthy, resilient and nutritious.

Podcast: Are Indians Finally Learning To Say "Cheese"?

As time went on, colonialism began to run its course and cheese making spread far and wide across Europe - it was not unusual for a region to produce its own, unique type of cheese. In Asia, however, cheese never really garnered the same popularity and acceptance. Even today, Asian cuisine does not involve the use of too much cheese, if at all. No one knows the real reason for this.
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Podcast: Khichdi - The National Dish of India

What would be India's national dish? More importantly, can a country like ours, with its sundry eating habits, even have a dish that would represent all? Most of us would think that it's a tough ask. But, if you study our varied cuisines closely, you will find that there is one preparation that unites all our diverse food cultures. And this is Khichdi.

Podcast: In the Hunt for Air That We Can Breathe

Consider this - the WHO says that "no threshold [of small particulate concentration] has been identified below which no damage to health is observed" and so, they've instead stated a guideline that aims to achieve the lowest possible PM concentration - this is 10 micrograms per cubic metre for PM 2.5. Delhi's is 15 times that much!