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What The Millennials Around Me Think About Religion

I decided to do a survey on 51 of my friends, well friends and friends of friends (like I'd have 51 friends! Introvert. Hello?) about where they stand on the whole religion thing. The questions ranged from 'Are you religious?' to 'How religious are your parents?' to 'Will you raise your children to be religious?' and ended with their stance on the concept of god. The participants are all from India (except for one person, more on that later), from Hindu, Christian and Muslim families.
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From Atheism To Violent Extremism: The 8 Stages Of Religiosity

While it's true that a bunch of terrorists and extremists pose a grave threat to world peace and human civilisation, I think it is misguided to malign and vilify all those who publicly profess their religious identity and display its symbols. Therefore, it becomes crucial to explore the journey of religiosity to find out the nuances of the phenomenon in which a person travels from atheism or most basic theism to religious extremism.
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Sabarimala And The Dark Absurdities Of Religion

Religiosity in India is so all-encompassing, that religion somehow manages to escape profound criticism even when some peculiar absurdity comes to light. Indeed, one such typical absurdity has been in the news recently, namely the ongoing controversy concerning the Sabarimala Temple. The religious moderates opine that the temple should allow women to enter -- but will anyone point out that this isn't the only instance where "faith" and "belief" have served as a cover for oppression?
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An Atheist In India

No one cares that I have no god. They only want to know which god I believe in. An atheist is not seen as taking a rational stand, only as being against one religion or another. What makes me happy, though, is that I am almost everyone's enemy as a result of this.