Mark Manuel

From Modi's Fate To The World's End, Bejan Daruwalla Unwraps The Future On His 86th Birthday

Shree Ganesha Namah! It's Bejan Daruwalla's birthday on Monday. That bawdy Parsi astrologer and celebrated Ganpati-bhakt will turn 86. Age cannot wither him nor custom stale his infinite variety. Everybody from Narendra Modi down holds their palm out to Bejan when they meet him, hoping for a freebie. For his birthday, he always makes a general forecast. This time he's made three.

What Lies Ahead: How My Agnostic Self Got Hooked To The Magic Of Predictions

Few people know this about me, but I am an avowed horoscope addict. I'm the most irreligious person you'll ever meet -- well, maybe not the most, but I'm certainly quite strong in my faith about no greater power, no big guy in the sky, no prayers. I turn my nose up at "cleanses" and anything that smacks of what I call "hocus pocus mumbo jumbo." I tell you all this so you better understand where I'm coming from with respect to horoscopes.