Arranged Marriage

Jane Schreibman

The Freakonomics Of The Indian Marriage Market

The practice of taking dowry has long been declared a criminal offence. Yet, it shows no signs of abating even in educated families, with the bride’s side continuing to bestow it in the form of cash, gold, luxury cars, apartments and so on to the groom’s eager family. Why is this? Is there any economics behind it? Is dowry like a scarcity rent? Does the relative bargaining position of women vis-à-vis men affect a woman's ability to find her preferred match?
Caleb Kenna via Getty Images

Arranged Marriage Or Love, Does It Even Matter?

"Did you have a love marriage or an arranged one?" I am asked this question all the time. And every time my answer (arranged) seems to stun the other person into a loud, "No way! Who would have thought?" I cringe each time I get asked this. Because the fact of the matter is that the question itself--one that is blindly passed down generations like a banal legacy-- is increasingly losing its meaning and relevance.