Arijit Singh

Robin Little via Getty Images

Dear Arijit Singh, Your Grovelling Apology To Salman Is An Insult To Your Talent

Tell me, what is the role of Salman Khan in your career? Is he your godfather? Do you owe your career to him? Did he train your vocals? What is his contribution to your list of hit tracks? How many songs have you sung for Salman that turned into chartbusters? We know the answers to all these questions. You're a self-made guy who stitched his career using the threads of rejections and challenges.

5 New Lessons For Bollywood In 2015

The first quarter of 2015 is already behind us and Bollywood is yet to see a blockbuster this year. But while the 200-crore-club may have to wait a little longer for a new entrant (the Khans do not have a release till the second half of the year), it's been a good year for plot-driven-movies. And like always, there are already many lessons for the trade and stars about our ever-so-unpredictable ticket-paying janta.