Anuj Puri

Why Porn Ban Could Backfire On The Government

Does the government really believe that the ban would be workable, leave alone effective? Would it really bring down crimes against women and children? If the government has conducted any credible study in this regard, it should share the same with the citizenry in order to legitimise the ban. Right now the ban only serves to increase state's hegemony, not citizens' safety. The purpose of the state at best can be to protect the life and liberty of citizens. History bears witness that bans serve neither.

Can India Afford The Luxury Of An Entire Parliament Session Being Washed Away?

It is obvious to an ordinary citizen like me that politics is means to an end not end in itself; perhaps our parliamentarians would do well to be reminded of this simple home truth. They carry with themselves the responsibility, hopes and aspirations of billion plus humans. Surely no single issue-perhaps with the exception of national security can be important enough to suspend parliamentary discourse.