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The Shameful Discrimination Against Israeli Athletes Must Stop

The most recent incident took place in the 2016 Rio Olympics during the men's heavyweight judo bout between Or Sasson of Israel and Egyptian judoka El Shehaby. After the match, which Sasson won, Shehaby spurned a handshake extended by Sasson. Another similar incident occurred in Rio when a Saudi judoka quit because there was a chance that she could have faced Gili Cohen, an Israeli. The opening day ceremony sparked controversy when the Lebanese delegation refused to travel in the same bus as Israeli athletes.
Dylan Mohan Gray

My Mother, The (Shameless) Refugee

My mother and her family eventually made it to Germany, supposedly their "homeland", but in fact a devastated country, bombed into rubble, where those lucky enough to have made it through the war were now embroiled in a daily struggle to stay alive. Arriving refugees from "the east", were universally despised and often subjected to violent attacks. My mother described being repeatedly spat upon, ostracised, mercilessly beaten up and told to "go home".