Anil Kapoor

Stepan Popov

This Is One Choice All Indians Should Make: Stop Smoking

One of the questions I'm asked most often is, "What is the secret of your youth?" There is no secret ingredient, diet, machine or procedure. It is simply the result of a commitment I made to myself to live healthy, which guides the choices I make every day. In lending my voice to a new public service campaign I hope to encourage others to make that same commitment to themselves, and enjoy the health benefits that result from choosing not to smoke.

It's Sonam Season In Bollywood, And It Started Before ‘Neerja'

With Neerja it's safe to say that it's finally Sonam season in Bollywood. But she has been on a steady ascendant for some time now, with confident performances in Raanjhanaa and Khoobsurat, followed by a stunning music video with Hrithik Roshan and to top it all a dance step that is now a must-do at every wedding sangeet. Here's a throwback to all those times we fell in love with Sonam Kapoor!