Amish Tripathi


5 Kids, 1 Author- An Awesome Story Is Told

Children are the best story tellers we have. Using their vivid imagination, which knows no boundaries, they come up with some of the best stories. These are the stories we remember for life. Be it a s...
Pratishtha Kaura

‘Scion of Ikshvaku': The Ramayana Reimagined

Following an extended marketing campaign, the first book, Scion of Ikshvaku, of the new Ram Chandra series by author Amish Tripathi, was released on 22 June 2015. So, does the book live up to the hoopla? I got my pre-ordered copy from Amazon on 23 June, and was not disappointed. The book is a rollercoaster ride taking readers through the familiar tropes and themes of Indian mythology, but with new twists and turns provided by the author.