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The Fears That Are Churning American Politics

This has to be the most exciting time for watchers of American politics, and it also has to be the more fearful time. But this is not about politics; it is about the underlying society, of which politics is only a reflection. The America of the early 1980s was predominantly White. Census figures show that Whites were over 83% of the population then; today, they are closer to 70%. But here is the most telling statistic: there are now more non-White children under five years of age than White children.

Can Hillary Clinton Live Down Her Gender Gaffes As First Lady?

History caught up with Hillary Clinton after she accused Republican hopeful Donald Trump of having a "penchant for sexism", and he retorted by pegging her as a "hypocrite" given her husband's "sexual misconduct" in the past. Hillary Clinton's defence of her husband at the time when these allegations came forth is now being viewed as being strongly anti-women. Indeed, there have been reports of plunging support, over the last two months, for Clinton from women.