Women And Ambition: It's Time We Let The Twain Meet

Our society does not really nurture ambitious women. They are depicted in movies as selfish and quite possibly evil, neglecting home and hearth for personal gain. At work too, they may be written off for challenging roles after marriage because of their family responsibilities. There are many such stereotypes that prevent a woman from reaching out and achieving her full professional potential. I have been there too.
Colin Anderson via Getty Images

Indrani Mukerjea And The True Meaning Of Ambition

Indrani is being portrayed as a calculating small-town girl on a ruthless climb up the social ladder. What I wish to fervently communicate to the media is that ambition is not a bad thing. It does not lead most people, or women in particular, to murder people. Amidst all this frenzy, there is real food for thought. It brings to our minds a very important question. Not just for Indrani but all of us. How much is too much?