A Call For A Dalit Revolution [ed]

Exchange occupations to topple caste structures in society. Let the religious institutions and other spaces of power be overtaken by those usually at the receiving end. Let the “humiliating” jobs be taken by the Brahmins and other allied castes. This experience will help drive in an understanding of the brunt of being in a caste Hindu society.

Ramachandra Guha Is Wrong. There's Nothing Dubious About RSS's Celebration Of Ambedkar

Historian Ramachandra Guha's scathing 21 April op-ed "Which Ambedkar?" in the Indian Express is a biased obfuscation that draws generously on historical snippets pertaining to the Hindu Code Bill to portray the RSS as an opportunistic band of charlatans that has morphed its stance to shower praise on Dr. B.R. Ambedkar in recent times. It is a varnished version of events that wilfully colours history and uses selective excerption...

Ambedkar's 'United States of India'

Hidden in the annals of India's Constituent Assembly is Ambedkar's real vision for India's Constitution. He labelled it 'United States of India' and the proposal was in line with his longstanding opposition to the parliamentary form of government. Had they been adopted, Ambedkar's ideas would have altered the character of the final Constitution, and changed India's destiny.

The Spurious Celebrations Of Ambedkar's Life

On 14 April this year, we observed the 125th birth anniversary of Dr B R Ambedkar. Both the BJP and the Congress took full advantage of this occasion to indulge in unparalleled tokenism. While PM Narendra Modi unveiled plans to construct an Ambedkar International Centre, Rahul Gandhi set off to Mhow village where he called for the "annihilation of caste". Had Rahul Gandhi spent some time during his mysterious sabbatical reading some of Babasaheb's works, he would have been in for an unpleasant surprise.
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The Bose Files: The Logic Of Some Popular Theories

Let us concede that Stalin killed Bose. Imagine the moment. Imagine you're Stalin. You've got Bose. Maybe you have him under arrest. Maybe you have him as a guest. But you have him. You've got Bose. You probably like him. At the very least you like him more than you do Nehru. Bose probably likes you too. Hell, maybe it was Bose who gave you the idea in the first place, to use the old ad baculum fallacy to make Nehru fall in line.