All India Bakchod Roast

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Does The Law Have A Sense Of Humour? And Why Comics Need to Know the Answer

In a free society, we enjoy both, the right to offend and the right to get offended. It is exasperating that any expression that causes discomfort or displeasure to a section of society is met with increasingly vehement censure. For those who don't have the muscle power, the financial bandwidth and/or the legal firepower to deal with such threats, freely speaking your mind will always mean being prepared to pay a huge cost.
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The Great Indian Laughter Challenge

People within the Indian Establishment are offended by the idea that their beneficial status quo can be disturbed by inconvenient democratic principles like free speech and strict law enforcement. So, knee-jerk pre-emptive measures are taken at the first signs of anything that challenges, let alone upsets, that you-scratch-mine-I-scratch-yours balance.