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Our Reactions To Terror Are A Litany Of Hypocrisies

Social media reactions to terrorism or acts of terror make for very interesting case studies. Never before have the masses been able to opine with such freedom on platforms that allow millions of others to read and share their views. News channels, newspapers and so on today are being challenged by people directly as the internet, often via smartphones and tablets, offers unprecedented, and often alternative and raw access to information. However, such access and fluidity in information flow comes with certain shortcomings.
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The Syria I Knew

The magnificent Arch of Triumph at Palmyra destroyed -- when I heard, it was like losing a good friend. Having lived in Syria for about three years, from 2003 to 2006, every simmering city I read about in that country today has a memory. Each city and place that hits the headlines for the wrong reasons recalls people and echoes attached to it.