TRIVANDRUM, INDIA - DECEMBER 08: A woman is working with a notebook and listen to music with headphones on board of a Emirates Airline passenger jet on December 08, 2009 in Trivandrum, India. Since some month its new that travelers can use the ICE System, internet by LAN, write emails or doing office work or internet shopping with a computer and a screen integrated in the seats.As well its possible to make telephone calls (Photo by EyesWideOpen/Getty Images)

DHS Will Get Rid Of Laptop Ban, Replace It With 'Enhanced Screening' Measures

The Department of Homeland Security announced enhanced security measures for commercial air travel to the United States on Wednesday. The new policies will replace the electronics ban instituted in Ma...
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The Paris Attacks And The Endless Cycle Of Terror

France has already dispatched its aircraft carrier to the Middle East to intensify its air campaign in Syria and Iraq. Not enough mention is being made of the collateral damage that will come with the air strikes. Hospitals, schools, places of worship, wedding parties could be bombed out of existence. Then, some General will appear, rattling out an apology in an unconvincing monotone and the matter will be put to rest. But what will inevitably follow is the next round of violence, leading to further loss of life on both sides.
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Radicalisation And The Indian Muslim

On 17 July, as Friday prayers ended on the cusp of Eid, Nowhatta in J&K witnessed a dramatic shift in temperament. As a separatist protest broke out, Pakistan, Lashkar-e-Taiba and IS flags were raised and the agitation quickly became violent. The police later dismissed the display of terrorist symbols as the attention-seeking methods of "13-14-year-old boys". However, the fact that early teens are identifying with the IS should raise alarm, not indifference, since it tests the government's theory that Indian Muslims are and will remain largely immune to violent fundamentalism.

Grey Wolves, Victoria's Secret And The Bangkok Bombing

As theories abound about the perpetrators of the attack at a Hindu temple (which actually welcomes mostly Chinese pilgrims) in Bangkok, the name of one ultranationalist group has not received as much coverage as it should have. In fact, just recently Turkey's Bozkurtlar or The Grey Wolves have been in the news not because of terrorism but because of a Victoria's Secret lingerie model.