Ajinkya Rahane


India's Power Play Gambit

It's that block of five overs which either heralds the beginning of a decisive onslaught, or brings the fielding team right back in the game. It's that block of five overs that causes even the most composed batsmen to lose their heads and wickets. It's that block of five overs that often has been the difference between victory and defeat.

Calm, Poised, Understated - The Rahane Way

Ajinkya Rahane is an unlikely hero. Unlike many of his team-mates, flash is the last thing on his mind. He is not one of the in-your-face types; he is more understated and studied. See Ajinkya Rahane, and immediately you see serious. You see committed. You see determined. It's not that you don't see these traits in his more extravagant team-mates; it's just that with Rahane, the bling is secondary. Or tertiary. If at all.