Aishwarya Rai

Owen Franken

Breathing New Life Into Organ Transplants In India

Organ transplant is a living-saving procedure. It is a medical marvel that many individuals have benefitted from. However, as recent reports have highlighted, it is also a medical system that has invariably promoted extensive abuse of human rights. Clinical criteria and ethical considerations rather than financial motives should be the force behind successful organ donation and allocation.
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Why The Film Industry Needs To Talk About Donating Eyes

While changing that scenario requires a complex joint approach from policymakers, doctors, public health experts, NGOs and the society, there is one important way in which common citizens can contribute: eye donation. Thousands of people in India are blind because we as a society are still not serious about eye donation (and organ donation in general), that too despite Aishwarya Rai's ardent and gorgeous appeal more than two decades back.