AgustaWestland Scam: Why Is The Modi Govt Not Going After Sonia's 'Closest Advisors'?

The government's stance on the AgustaWestland scam smacks of duplicity. When some questions were raised about the corrupt practices of the UK-based company and its parent body at Italy in 2013, the then Congress government promptly cancelled the chopper deal. The BJP was so happy with the government action then that it did not feel the need for a Joint Parliamentary Committee to investigate the matter. Why is it then, after three years, that the BJP is accusing the Congress leadership of corruption in the same deal?
Hindustan Times via Getty Images

10 Questions That Modi Sarkar Must Answer On AgustaWestland Scam

The sudden brouhaha created by the Narendra Modi-led NDA on the AgustaWestland pay-offs, and the targeting of the Gandhi family, only manifests the ruling government's inherent failures and abysmal performance track-record on multiple fronts over the past two years in power. But there are several unanswered questions that need to be immediately addressed, because, paradoxically enough, the finger of suspicion points towards the party with the lotus symbol.