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The Undemocratic Silence On AFSPA

During question hour in Parliament this month, the government was asked in the Rajya Sabha what decision it had taken on the implementation of the Jeevan Reddy Committee's recommendations. The government replied that no decision had been taken, saying it needed to "evaluate the situation on the ground" first. This is only one of many times a question related to the AFSPA, and the possibility of its repeal, has been raised in Parliament, and has met with a vague and unsatisfactory response.
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A Call To Support Irom Sharmila And The People Of Manipur

Amidst the bloodletting and state apathy, the deafening silence of one woman -- Irom Chanu Sharmila -- is a stark reminder of the courage and conviction of Manipur. Let us support Manipur's Iron Lady at a peaceful gathering outside New Delhi Patiala Court on 11 August 2015 at 08:00 hrs. This will be our last opportunity to show solidarity, after which Irom Sharmila will be confined to trials in Imphal, Manipur.
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How Other States Can Follow Tripura's Lead In Lifting AFSPA

Hallelujah! Tripura has finally shown the way. The draconian Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act 1958 has been withdrawn in this remote northeastern state 18 years after it was introduced. Reason: The Left Front government did not consider it necessary to continue with the law when insurgency had been on the wane in the state for the past decade -- partly due to a committed and sensitive state administration that was determined to take governance to the grassroots.