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Do Our Virtues Give Us A License For Corruption?

A recent study suggested that shoppers who bring reusable bags for their shopping tend to choose organic food. One green action led to another. However, the same people were also most likely to buy ice cream, chips, candy bars and cookies. These shoppers weren't replacing green items with junk. They were just adding junk to the cart. So, how might this apply to our executives and politicians?
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When Did Civil Service Become Synonymous With Self-Service?

An Indian officer once stated that his desire to enter the civil services stemmed from the fact that the driver would always rush out to open the door for the officer. So, ironically, the power that officers hold, which ideally should mean the power to create a level playing field for all, is actually seen as power to access privileges, entitlements, cars with red lights, houses in the best part of town, and a state system that exists for them, and not for the common person.

Why Liberals Shouting ‘Intolerance' Owe An Apology To The Nation

Dissent cannot be a hit-and-run incident wherein the perpetrator absconds without liability after inflicting damage. Democracy is not a free for all and a license to indulge in canards. These worthies need to be made accountable for their statements. True intellectuals when provided with adequate evidence to the contrary will gracefully accept their lapse. Charlatans and egotists, however, will not. Nayantara Sahgal and her tribe owe an apology to the nation.
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Focusing On Run Rates Will Make Losers Of Us All

Being a citizen of a country obsessed with cricket, the only run rate that I ever knew was the runs that a batsman makes per over - until I recently learnt that even businesses (read e-commerce enterprises) are getting discounted and valued on their run rates, defined by Investopedia as "how the financial performance of a company would look if you were to extrapolate current results out over a certain period of time." But there is another side to this story of how calculations based on "run rate" have brought the world to the precipice of destruction and collapse.