Abhijita Kulshrestha

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Explaining My God

Who is my God? I am asked. It's a question I have never been faced with before and clearly, I am stumped. It's never an easy task to explain your faith. Of course, indicating your religion with a single word in forms, or identifying it with a representation on your person is effortless. How does one explain one's God, one's faith? It is like trying to define love, seeking the ineffable to be caught in the warp and weft of words...

Why Most Of Us Have Forgotten How To Think For Ourselves

Consider the following scenarios: You wake up in the morning and reach out for your smart phone to see the latest news updates, the content of your mailboxes, your Facebook feed stream, the tweets that matter. At work, you must focus your thoughts completely on finishing the project that lies before you --solutions, crises, conversations, meetings etc. Some may repeat the routine once more when back into their sanctuary or may rely on the Internet to provide their next thinking cues.
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4 Life Lessons From The Earth Element

Prithvi is the clay that shapes you and me. The clay that forms the substratum on which we build our homes, our lives. That on which we grow our food and that in which we bury our dead. That which makes the vessel from which we eat and that with which we build our hearths. Here are some qualities of earth that we should assimilate into our own lives.