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Modi-Putin Meet Signals New Dimensions For Indo-Russian Partnership

Three developments emerged clearly from Prime Minister Narendra Modi's recent visit to Moscow for the 16th Indo-Russian annual summit with President Vladimir Putin. First, making bilateral ties more broad-based by giving the economic partnership between the two nations its due importance. Secondly, efforts towards transforming Indo-Russian strategic ties from a buyer-seller relationship to that of a partnership. And finally, restoring the exclusivity of Indo-Russian ties irrespective of any foreign policy transformation that each may undergo.
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Has Obama Given Up On Pakistan Because Of Putin?

Well, it is official. Thousands of American soldiers will stay on in Afghanistan after 2016. By pausing the troop drawdown, it seems Obama has given up on Pakistan, a long-time US ally, being willing or able to close the Taliban insurgency, or underwrite Afghan democracy after America's exit. Meanwhile, Pakistan is warming to Putin's overtures of friendship as it is tiring of "do more" diktats from Washington, Obama's love affair with India and the steady stream of terror accusations coming from Kabul.