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My Kolkata Nightmare: Is There No Escape For Women Trapped In The 'Syndicate Raj'?

For two years, my mother and I have been living in hell. We've been subject to harassment, abuse and intimidation in our own home by a clearly criminal gang that calls itself a "syndicate". Its primary motive is real estate. As my mother holds a good portion of the land title through inheritance, the idea is to subject us to such terror that we flee. Syndicate gangs, like the mafia, have become an open, dirty "secret", a factor of life in West Bengal.
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How Real Estate Is Steering Dubai's Economic Progress

Contrary to popular belief, oil reserves are not what megacity Dubai's economy banks on for sustenance. For this reason, the government of Dubai has invested time, money and strenuous efforts in diversifying its sources of income, with leading sectors being real estate, construction, tourism and hospitality. Among these, the emirate's real estate sector has emerged as one of the most remunerative and reliable industries.