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Why The Bihar Elections Were Not A Victory For ‘Secularism'

In some intellectual circles, the Bihar verdict of 8 November 2015 marks the victory of the forces of secularism over communalism. In the annals of documented history, it will go down as the day in which the juggernaut of the mythical and invincible Modi was arrested. Half a century down the lane, these documented histories will be nothing more than mythological tales shamelessly hiding the biases and intellectual dishonesty of the intelligentsia/media/liberals. The truth is something else.
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Why India Stands To Suffer If BJP Doesn't Take Lessons From Bihar Rout

Narendra Modi should realise that his charisma and oratory skills alone will not fetch him success in future elections. He should not allow his ego to get in the way of establishing rapport with all opposition parties if he wants to accelerate the economic reforms in the country. While under his leadership, India's stock has gone by several folds the world over, what a common person -- a voter -- looks for is a better standard of living.
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Weighing In On Bihar And What The Pundits Are Getting Wrong

Lalu and Nitish are celebrating and the pundits have started writing Amit Shah's obituary. The post-mortem will continue for a couple of more weeks till the next big Bollywood release or cricket match. I have contested the 2014 elections and had the good fortune to oversee another four polls in my constituency in the year preceding my own election. I present the below points solely based on my own personal three-four years experience in Indian politics as somewhat of an outsider.