Are You A Pigeon Or A Parrot?

While a pigeon poses patiently for hours (it really does), looks into your camera (even into your eyes sometimes) and does not object to its personal bubble being invaded, a parrot is almost never available for you. It does not let you come close, it does not pose, it gets really offended even if you direct a lens towards it...
Hindustan Times via Getty Images

Love Thy Neighbour – Or At Least Know Their Name

Some weeks ago, Mishti, my older one, went missing. There was another girl with her; together they had gone to collect money for a raffle and had not returned until late in the evening. The other child's mother called me to check if I knew where they had been. Although I had no idea where they were, I was confident they would be fine. What could happen to them inside the confines of the housing complex?