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I’m Not A Dalit But I Do Blame The BJP For Una And Other Gau Rakshak Atrocities

An emotional blog post, “I’m A Dalit But I Think It’s Wrong To Blame The BJP For The Una Assault” appeared recently in the Huffington Post. The article is replete with fallacies, some mischief hidden away among the sentiments expressed, and is also rife with imagined dichotomies that exist only in the domain of political propaganda. I feel compelled to call these out. Before proceeding, I reiterate that I am not a Dalit, nor do I pretend to understand Dalit reality beyond what human empathy allows.
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I’m A Dalit But I Think It’s Wrong To Blame The BJP For The Una Assault

It is important to remember that atrocities such as the one in Una are not new. They have existed across different political regimes. The Indian National Congress, for example, will have no place to hide if a post-independence analysis on atrocities on Dalits is done. Therefore, a pragmatic approach to integration lies in divorcing the atrocities committed against Dalits with the rule of any particular political party.
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The Congress Is India's Original Hindu Party, The Others Are Copycats

The Congress will never acknowledge it, nor will the BJP dare to expose it, but the only Indian party that has consistently stood up for the Hindus while appearing unswervingly secular is the INC. It is a model that will endure even if the Congress itself disappears. Any Indian political party aspiring for a national role has no choice but to adopt the "Congress way" of strong centralized control with loyal local satraps and a proven capacity to manage India's many diversities while assiduously nursing its Hindu core.