15 August

evrenselbaris via Getty Images

Indian For A Week

For an entire week (or so) this month, India celebrated itself as "nation". An independent, unified and secular nation. All over the world, we participated in this carnival of independence as "Indians". The tri-colour temporarily overshadowed the divisions of race, caste, creed, religion and state. But alas, this carnival is now over.
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I Love You India, Potholes And All

My sceptical friends point out to me that I am blind to all the faults in the country, but I do see them, I really do. It's just that I feel India is like my mother, and so what if you don't have the coolest mother in the world? It's like in school you always feel the other person's mom is cooler and you go home and tell yours, "Mummy, next time, could you maybe wear nicer sunglasses like Diva's mom?" But that doesn't mean I love Diva's mother more.