15 Questions To Ask Women Instead When You Feel The Urge To Ask About Babies

Sania Mirza for President.

15/07/2016 4:17 PM IST | Updated 19/07/2016 12:00 PM IST
Hindustan Times via Getty Images
Sania Mirza.

It's okay, we get it. It's not exactly easy to ask women questions without illustrations of the uterus dancing before your eyes. I mean, how can you un-see something that looks like those alien-heads from Independence Day, right? No wonder then, everyone, from concerned neighbours to celebrated television journalists can't help blurting out baby-hubby-holy domesticity questions when they have to hold a conversation with a woman. You may be just a couch-potato like me or a Wimbledon champion like Sania Mirza or a Hollywood goddess like Jennifer Aniston, if you have a uterus, you've got to explain what business it has holidaying without making a baby.

But guessing Mirza, Aniston and some of us (especially when we wake up on the wrong side of the bed on a rainy work day morning), may have developed chronic low tolerance for bullshit, here's a helpful guide to asking questions some of us wish you asked us more.

1- How many gender stereotypes have you had to fight till now?

2- How many things that you love doing, you have been told women shouldn't be interested in at all?

3- Have you ever been accused of being 'un-womanly'?

4- What professions have you been repeatedly told that men are better at?

5- How frequently do you have to police your own body due to social pressure or concern for safety?

6- How many times have you been told that wage gap is not real?

7- How many people have you met who insist feminism is women wanting 'more rights', because well, equality is too much to ask for?

8- How many times have you been accused of being humourless for protesting against casual sexism?

9- How do you deal with people, especially men, who say period pain is just an excuse women make to bunk work?

10- What do you have to tell people who say family comes before career?

11- How often are you told you are "too ambitious" and success shouldn't come at the cost of "settling down"?

12- Have you been told you drink a lot for a woman? Or not smoke in public lest acquaintances see you with a cigarette?

13 - How many interviewers have asked you if you plan to have a child soon, as a part of a job interview?

14 - How often have you been 'reminded' that you're not a man?

15 - How many stupid questions do you have to answer everyday on an average?

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