Working Moms

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I Cannot Forgive You, Mom

You've always been mean to me, Mom. I vividly remember that day when I played so hard in the hot sun. I think I was about 7 years old. With love filled in my heart, I came running home to hug you, thinking you would serve me food. Instead, you snapped at me and told me to serve myself. I was so hurt, Mom.
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Why Mothers Should Not Stop Earning Their Own Money

I didn't realize the power of financial independence until the day I stopped working and stopped earning. As long as my husband could support my and my family's needs, was it still important that I contribute to our monthly income too? Was it not contribution enough that I was tending to our family and taking care of all their non-financial needs? For lots of reasons, I started realizing that the answer to that question, for me, was no.
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Mom, Are You Feelin' Groovy?

What if we don't get trapped in hollow buzzwords like "me time" that offer respite similar to Leisure Hour for prisoners? Instead let all hours be ours, so that we get to decide how we loan them out to others -- to our family, friends, co-workers. What if we stopped the running roster of things-others-need-to-do alongside our own list of things-to-do and what if we learned to keep the lists separate?
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Parenting Outsourced

I am not questioning a woman's career choices here. Not everyone can take time off from her job to bring up her child - every family has a different financial obligation. Nor am I implying that employing an ayah is a cardinal sin. It's the parental avoidance in child-rearing that baffles me. If from bathing to feeding to napping all the harder tasks have been outsourced - what's left of parenting?